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Happily writing, editing, publishing, broadcasting, and lecturing for over 30 years in New England's beautiful Blackstone Valley and around the world! Now offering Hollywood-quality audio/video production.

Editorial and Media Services by Experienced Professionals

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or autographed from our

from the father-son authors of the hit "Behind the Paranormal: Everything You Know is Wrong" (Schiffer Books, 2016)


Find out why you shouldn’t look out your windows at night! Join father-son broadcasters and paranormal adventurers Paul & Ben Eno, along with the world’s greatest monster hunters, for a plunge into new realms of weirdness in these first-hand reports of encounters with unexplained creatures, some never before published. Prepare not only for new encounters with Bigfoot and Mothman, but brace yourself to meet things you couldn’t make up, like the Ear Eater of Jasper County, the Webb Lake Big Bird and the Van Meter Visitor. And the explanations? In this companion book to Behind the Paranormal: Everything You Know is Wrong (Schiffer Books, 2016), you’ll find more reason than ever to realize: Everything You Know REALLY IS Wrong!


By DeEarlon

from the author of "Heaven's Wave"

By DeEarlon

The revised and expanded third edition of the paranormal classic:
by Paul F. Eno

Newsletters and Magazines

New River Press produces substantive, timely and interest-grabbing newsletters and magazines for print and online. We have done so for several prestigious organizations, with one publication now in its 25th year.

Services include original writing, editing of submitted material, design, layout and prepress. Original photography and event coverage can be arranged if practical. Rates are surprisingly reasonable.

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Audio & Video Production

New River Press offers audio and video production services for your company, organization, project, event or book. Our crew consists of experienced alumni and students from several of the best media schools in the country, who are already working in the media industry. This will give you Hollywood-quality results without the crazy money. (This division of New River Press is not officially associated with any film school.)

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New River Press & Barking Cat Books

New River Press became an independent commercial book publisher in 1998 with the release of Wheels Up: Adventures of a Private Pilot by James D. Nisbet. A number of non-fiction books followed by several different authors. In 2007, we decided to branch into fiction and specialized non-fiction under the imprint Barking Cat Books. Thus, in 2008, there appeared Heaven's Wave: A Novel of the Doomsday Prophecy of 2012 by DeEarlon, and the best-selling Growing Up Italian by Dr. Ed Iannuccilli.

New River Press/Barking Cat Books was considered such a success among "small presses" that founder Paul F. Eno was invited to address the Independent Publishers Association Convention in New York City in 2008. With sweeping changes taking place in standard publishing, however, the "writing was on the wall," and it was decided in 2009 to get out of standard print publishing in favor of digital electronic publishing (e-publishing).

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New River Press offers full editorial services, from copy and content editing all the way to complete revision for both fiction and non-fiction. We also offer complete manuscript critiques and suggestions for improvement.

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Original Non-Fiction Writing

Whether you need an important letter, an article, speech or even a book, New River Press can help.

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Publishing and E-Publishing Services

Ask how New River Press/Barking Cat Books can help get your publication online or into print.

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Radio and Television

Using Paul's 45 years of experience in, of all things, paranormal studies, New River Press branched into radio in 2008. The goal: offer an international show for intelligent people interested in the paranormal but tired of the shallow, silly treatment of the subject by other shows. "Behind the Paranormal with Paul & Ben Eno" debuted on Phoenix-based Achieve Radio on June 1, 2008. The show created a sensation because of its unique father-son dynamic, high-profile guests and unusually deep treatment of all paranormal subjects.

The following February, the show expanded to the Providence/Boston area as Paul & Ben were invited to make WOON 1240 AM in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, their broadcast home. A few months later, CBS Radio noticed the show and contacted Paul & Ben. A separate edition of "Behind the Paranormal" debuted on CBS's "New Sky Radio" in Boston, Detroit and Seattle (and on the Internet) in November 2009. In 2010, the show expanded to the Pittsburgh market. Unfortunately, CBS dropped the New Sky segment of the network on January 1, 2014. Bigger and better things for the show are being discussed.

Between live broadcasts, Internet listeners and podcasts, "Behind the Paranormal" has had an estimated 3 million listeners. Outside the United States, Paul & Ben have large audiences in the U.K., Canada, Australia and Mexico.

Based on the success of the radio show, Paul & Ben teamed up with director/producer Braden Barty on the new feature-length documentary "Multiverse," to be released soon. They have also worked with several directors/producers on a proposed television series.

In 2013, Paul & Ben were part of a short documentary ("The Devil's Hour") to accompany the July release of the Warner Brothers/New Line film "The Conjuring."

Classes, Instruction and Consultation

New River Press has offered presentations and classes all over the country on such subjects as "Producing Great Newsletters" and "Getting Good Press" to basic written communication for business people.

Recently we have partnered with the Providence (R.I.) Learning Connection to offer a fall 2011 class in "Getting Published in an Almost Impossible Market."

We are available for any-sized group, from private consultation and tutoring to large audiences.

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Advertising Sales

Filling a need for its longstanding client, the Rhode Island Builders Association, New River Press handles advertising sales and ongoing advertiser accounts for The Rhode Island Builder Report and RIBA's annual Membership Directory and Buyer's Guide.

The resulting ad lineage supports both publications, which are important member services for this influential trade association.

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