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Happily writing, editing, publishing, broadcasting, and lecturing for over 30 years in New England's beautiful Blackstone Valley and around the world! Now offering Hollywood-quality audio/video production.

Books & E-Books

New River Press became an independent commercial book publisher in 1998 with the release of Wheels Up: Adventures of a Private Pilot by James D. Nisbet. A number of non-fiction books followed by several different authors. In 2007, we decided to branch out into fiction and specialized non-fiction under the imprint Barking Cat Books. Thus, in 2008, there appeared Heaven's Wave: A Novel of the Doomsday Prophecy of 2012 by DeEarlon, and Growing Up Italian by Dr. Ed Iannuccilli.

New River Press/Barking Cat Books was considered such a success among "small presses" that founder Paul F. Eno was invited to address the Independent Publishers Association Convention in New York City in 2008. With sweeping changes taking place in standard publishing, however, the "writing was on the wall," and it was decided in 2009 to get out of standard print publishing in favor of digital electronic publishing (e-publishing).