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Happily writing, editing, publishing, broadcasting, and lecturing for over 30 years in New England's beautiful Blackstone Valley and around the world! Now offering Hollywood-quality audio/video production.

Our Main People

PAUL F. ENO, Owner and Senior Editor

Beginning in professional journalism in 1979, Paul is an award-winning newspaper and magazine reporter and editor. He also has been a professonal book editor and publisher. His editorial resume includes the Providence Journal, New England's second largest daily newspaper, where he was a news editor from 1984-1991.


BENJAMIN T. ENO, Media Producer

At 16, Ben became the youngest syndicated radio talk-show host in America. Today he is a student at Emerson College in Boston, where he is majoring in audio and video production. He is New River Press's go-to guy on broadcast media. He co-hosts shows owned by New River Press on CBS Radio and local radio in the Providence-Boston market and also hosts musical shows on WERS-FM Boston, an National Public Radio station.


JONATHAN D. ENO, Office Manager

Jonathan assists in all aspects of New River Press's work, including photography for clients from time to time. He holds a degree from the Universioty of Rhode Island, and his background is in sales and information technology.