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Happily writing, editing, publishing, broadcasting, and lecturing for over 30 years in New England's beautiful Blackstone Valley and around the world! Now offering Hollywood-quality audio/video production.

Manuscript Editing & Revising

New River Press Senior Editor Paul F. Eno has nearly 35 years of experience as a professional journalist. This includes many years as a weekly and daily newspaper reporter and editor, and as a magazine and book editor. He is the author of seven books of his own, including two bestsellers.

Other New River Press editors have similar experience.

Manuscripts and existing publications are accepted for editing and/or revision based on many factors, including our availability, the quality and nature of the manuscript or publication, and how well we feel that we can work with a particular author.

Unless we know you, we offer a standard written contract for work to be performed. There are no guarantees. References are available on request. Editing clients should have no expectation of having their work published by New River Press/Barking Cat Books.

Rates can vary widely according to the project and are always negotiable, but those listed below are typical. Page rates are based on one side per page, double-spaced.


(Special rates apply to longer manuscripts or books.)

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Copy Editing   8 cents a word
Copy Editing for Websites $45/hr
Content Editing   $45 per page
    $40 per page
Manuscript critique $45/hr
Light Revision   $50 per page
Heavy Revision   $65 per page

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